Our Mission

“No one should ever perish from a lack of knowledge” -Larry Hellman

Our goal is to raise awareness of natural medicine and alternative health care. Natural Medicine Speakers Bureau provides monthly health lectures at no cost to Churches, Library groups, or community gatherings.  

Our naturopaths are available to teach, free of charge, to any qualified retirement community.

These free lectures are approximately 45-minutes, followed by a question and answer session. This is a fantastic opportunity to add huge value to your residents. As well as, bring perspective residents to your community by advertising the event at no cost to you.

Our naturopathic doctors are world class physicians who specialize in personalized monthly events for retirement communities. For example, our event topics include natural cancer treatments, heart disease, and whole-body wellness. We conduct polls with your residents to find out what topics are most important to them. Then, we turn those results into amazing events everyone will love to attend.

Monthly Series

We expect this gathering to be excited for us to return on a monthly basis. We teach how to successfully treat the following conditions:

Cancer (even stage 4)



Parkinson's disease



“No one should ever perish from a lack of knowledge” -Larry Hellman

Speaker Inquiry

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Treatment Inquiry

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Doctor Larry Hellman

Founder, Natural Medicine Speaker’s Bureau

  • Bachelor’s Degree from Grand Canyon University in pre-med 2001
  • Doctorate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine 2006
  • Began Natural Medicine Speakers Bureau 2006
  • Fellowship at Naturopathic Family Care, 2 years
  • Partner at Shea Wellness Group 5 years

I’ve studied natural cancer treatments for the past 5+ years. My passion is helping people overcome their disease without more drugs. Some pharmaceuticals are important but there are other ways.  There is no greater feeling than helping a person be healthy.



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(602) 544-6188

“No one should ever perish from a lack of knowledge”

-Larry Hellman